Color Fringing RX
PC and Mac

Introducing the Color Fringing RX (CFrx)

The Color Fringing RX Plugin was designed to reduce and in most cases remove unwanted "Color Fringing" from digital files.

Color fringing is also known as, Chromatic aberration. It is caused by the camera lens not focusing different wavelengths of light onto the exact same focal plane and/or by the lens magnifying different wavelengths differently. These types of chromatic aberration are referred to as Longitudinal and Lateral Chromatic Aberration and can occur at the same time.
Chromatic aberration is known as color fringing when it is visible around areas of contrast. It frequently occurs around the edges of the image frame in wide-angle shots. Since edges are the most affected areas, Color Fringing RX will first scan areas of high contrast in the edges and then throughout the image frame to surgically reduce all types of color aberration.

The Color Fringing RX plugin also reduces chromatic aberration at microlens level , which in simple terms is "purple fringing". Unlike typical edge-only chromatic aberration, purple fringing is caused by the microlenses, and is visible throughout the image frame. Areas of high contrast around the edges suffer the most, especially when the subject is illuminated from behind.

Note: Mac version illustrations will be shown throughout this page. Identical features are available for PC and Mac users. The new interface functionality and concept is based on the feedback from many professional photographers looking for the highest quality black and white output.


Using the Color Fringing RX Plugin:

Note: PC version illustrations will be shown throughout this manual. Identical features are available for Mac users.

After the installation of the Color Fringing RX plugin is complete, launch Photoshop. Now, you are ready to run the Plugin. Go to Menu/Automate and click on Color Fringing RX:

The Color Fringing RX Plugin window will pop-up.


Learning the Color Fringing RX plugin interface:

Settings: Color Fringing RX allows photographers to save and load their own custom settings. You will be able to create as many settings as desired to ease your workflow. In the example below, you can see that I have saved settings for certain lenses, cameras, etc...

How to save custom CFrx settings:

In the example above, Color Fringing RX was set with the following:

  • Intensity Level = 2
  • Reduce Purple Fringing= checked
  • Enhance Color = checked
  • Global Intensity Tweak = 74

In order to save these settings for future use, click on the "Save" button and create a custom setting called: "My Landscape settings".

Intensity Level: You have the option of choosing from Level 1 to Level 3.

Level 1 provides the lightest effect and Level 3 the heaviest. If more strength is desired, you could always run the plugin again. For example: Run Level 3 followed by another run of Level 1. (However, this is NOT recommended for optimal results.)

After choosing your desired intensity, you will be able to "preview" the results on your original file by clicking on the Apply button. When you finish running the plugin you will see the results of the selected intensity. At that point you also have an option to tweak the intensity of the effect by decreasing from 100 to 0. (Zero will be the original state of the image before applying the plugin and 100 is the result after applying the plugin -- so you have all of the options in between to work with). For example, if you would like to see half of the effect, move the "Intensity Tweak" slider from 100 to 50 and you will be able to preview the tweaked results on your file.

If you desire to experiment with different intensities, click on Undo and your file will be brought back to the original state. Otherwise, click on the OK button if you are happy with the results.


Reduce Purple Fringing: Check this setting if you wish to add an additional scan for purple fringing on your file during the process.

Enhance Color: This setting will enhace the colors of your image without introducing any color shift or artifact.

Global Intensity Tweak slider: The Intensity tweak slider is a powerful and flexible option included with this plugin.

As mentioned earlier, after selecting any intensity level and clicking on the Apply button, the Intensity Tweak slider will be available to tweak the results you see on screen. As you move the slider from 100 (default) to your desired level, you will see the results changing on your image.

You may choose from 100 to 0 within the selected intensity level. The intensity you choose will bring you closer to the desired effect that works best with your files.
Example: When clicking on the Apply button to preview level 3, you will be able to move the Intensity Tweak slider from 100 down to 50 ---by doing that, half of the level three effect will be applied and shown on your image.

When moving the Intensity Tweak slider to choose the perfect CFrx strength, make sure to view your photograph at 100% magnification. Inspecting your images at the actual pixel magnification is always the best way to edit your files.

This can be accomplished by either using the Control+Alt+0 shortcut or by using the plugin's Image Zoom.



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